Dunluce Lamb will be ceasing operations due to the elevated lamb prices we can recieve. Home delivery and farmers markets are now not a sustainable option for us. To sell a Dunluce lamb it costs us $60 Butchering, $25 processiong, and another $25 per lamb for miscellaneous costs (boxes, bags, advertising, farmers market fee's), that does not include our travel & fuel costs, and the farmers time. To sell via the stock market we can currently get $200 + per lamb, and along with this have our weekends back.
We will be keeping out Dunluce Cool Room for 12 - 18 months, just in case we miss it too much.
Thankyou to all our valued customers over the years - we really appreciating you supporting the farmers as much as you can
Thank you
Debbie, Alan, Evan, Ben Weir

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